Fixed Rate Conventional Loans

15-, 20-, 30-Year Fixed Loan

fixed rate

30-Year Fixed*

A 30-year fixed is a great option when you want peace of mind of stable monthly payments to reach your long-term financial goals.

  • The most popular mortgage loan program

  • A stable interest rate and reliable monthly payments over the life of your loan

  • Build equity over time and pay principal balance down faster whenever you choose

15-Year Fixed*

A 15-year fixed is a terrific option when you prefer a higher monthly payment in exchange for paying less in interest, want to pay your house off sooner, or when you have short-term plans for your home.

  • Interest rates are typically lower than 30-year fixed

  • A fixed rate loan that allows you to pay principal down faster than 30-year fixed

  • Pay higher monthly payments in order to pay less in total interest over life of loan


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